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Hello Livejournal + Something Better: Watchmen Drabble

Hello livejournal! I've been gone for so long, but I haven't forgotten you. ♥

I'll explain my absence as such: I've been drinking less, which naturally means I've been writing less for pleasure and have been spending my time on other endeavors.

I'll explain my return as such: Ideas keep filling my head up and I will explode if I don't write them. It is far easier to write with an audience.

I truly appreciate all the kind comments that have been left on my filthy little fanfictions during my absence. I'll explain my appreciation as such: I love you.

Have an old Watchmen drabble (Rated R to be safe) that was written for some meme somewhere as a poor apology for my absence and know that I am working on more fanfictions.

Something Better [100 words]

When Daniel kisses Walter’s ear and slips a hand under his waistband, Walter worries he’s becoming his mother. But Daniel is nothing like the faceless men his mother used to bring home -- used to wrestle, used to curse with, beneath tangled sheets and behind an unlocked door.

Dan is two soft hands and an endless supply of kind words. His fingers tangle in Walter’s hair and his lips spill out, “Yes, yes like that. Feels so good. You’re so good,” and it makes Walter feel like maybe this isn’t so filthy after all -- maybe this is something better.


Drinking less is good, as is getting other things done. That said, omfg your writing: ♥

So very many ♥.